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2023: Whatcom County’s Housing Year

2023 will be a pivotal year for Whatcom County and Washington State’s housing crisis. There are currently at least eight (8) housing bills in consideration within in Washington State’s legislature. This many pieces of legislation is an indication of just how immediate the crisis is in our cities, our citizens and our legislator’s minds.

Locally, in Whatcom County, housing is still the #1 issue and we’re coming up on a very important public hearing on ADUs. ADUs are part of the solution to our Missing Middle crisis. The real

goal is to loosen the ability to increase housing supply and loosen building restrictions and access to ADUs. ADUs aren’t the end game in Middle Housing, but are apart of the larger strategy to get us where we need to be. If people can’t afford to live in Whatcom County our future does not look very bright.

On 1.23.23 we need the public to come out in support of Middle Housing solutions and ADUs at City Council’s Public Hearing. The last day to provide written testimony is Wednesday, 1.18.23 by 10am. You can provide that written testimony in support of ADUs here. You can also read our letter to the Bellingham City Council and position on ADUs, here.