I grew up in Bellingham and have lived all over town. From Sudden Valley, to the WWU campus, to Sehome Hill, to a basement apartment downtown, to Tweed 20, to Sunnyland. I rented as a young adult. 10 years ago, through the privilege of generational wealth, we were able to buy a house in Sunnyland. My parents gave us most of the down payment for our house, something they were able to do partially because they are homeowners themselves and so are my grandparents. Our house has appreciated so much, I don’t think we could afford it if it were on the market today.

I believe housing is a human right. I believe diverse neighborhoods benefit all. I believe density helps fight climate change. I believe in human-centered design rather than car-centered design. I believe in multi-pronged solutions and not magic bullets. Let’s make space for everyone and move ahead together.