The Whatcom Housing Alliance provides community education, technical assistance, and advocacy to advance affordable and diverse housing choices in all neighborhoods and works to:

  • Prioritize housing for historically and currently under-served populations;
  • Create and maintain economically diverse neighborhoods;
  • Prioritize housing in urban areas to enable more people to live in areas with good access to transportation, parks, and services; and
  • Improve access to schools and education, increase upward mobility, and decrease segregation by race and class to strengthen community and social relations.

Who we are

Whatcom Housing Alliance is a broad alliance of organizations including; public health proponents, economic development agencies, for-profit and non-profit housing developers, smart growth enthusiasts, private business owners, investors and others all united to build an affordable, healthy, equitable, thriving, and inclusive community.

We create opportunities for more diverse housing choices in all neighborhoods that will contribute toward equitable, prosperous, healthy, and vibrant communities for everyone. These housing choices will help us be a more sustainable region by improving our environment, the social fabric and health of our people, and creating a stronger economy.