Identifying Workforce Housing Solutions in Whatcom County

In 2022, the Whatcom Housing Alliance Steering Committee reviewed the Strategic Action Plan and identified the top priorities for the coming year. One of which being to “support the creation of permanently affordable housing including workforce housing”. The Whatcom Housing Alliance was fortunate enough to secure a contract with Whatcom County to conduct research on the topic of workforce housing solutions.

The Workforce Housing Report: Housing Essential Workers in Whatcom County was created to spark conversations with WHA members, key stakeholders, elected officials, and community members around the importance of implementing workforce housing solutions in Whatcom County. The Whatcom Housing Alliance welcomes feedback on the solutions discussed and encourages participation in upcoming discussions, work sessions, and events on workforce housing.

Let’s work together to find solutions that uplift our community, provide deeper affordability, address historic injustices, and lead to a vibrant Whatcom County that we are proud to call home.