The Whatcom County Council is the legislative branch of Whatcom County government. The County Council is comprised of 7 members. One member is elected from each of the 5 County Council districts, and 2 members are elected as the countywide at-large representatives.

The Whatcom County Council welcomes comments from the public.
Citizens may contact the council members at the County Council Office, in writing, by phone, by email, and by attending County Council meetings.
Time is scheduled to accept public comments during the open session of each regularly scheduled County Council meeting.

The Whatcom County Council currently holds all meetings in a hybrid format unless otherwise noted on the Legislative Information Center. Hybrid meetings are available for in-person or remote viewing and participation: view meeting schedules, agendas, minutes, videos, and archives in the Legislative Information Center. You may watch meetings live and on-demand. See the “Watch or Listen Live” tab on the Whatcom County Council Page.

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